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Fried jerk turkey

One of the best surprises from this past Christmas was a serious hookup from my brother-in-law, “E.J.” He goes to a popular establishment on Chicago’s South Side and they will jerk and cook any meat you bring. “E.J.” opted to…

I love to “prep” with my wife!

Food preparation time provides and opportunity to talk and unwind. We have a blast cooking together, but “flow” is everything–particularly after a long day. We have an established routine: She handles the seasoning of the meat, while I chop. We…

Grilled salmon steaks

Another easy favorite for the grill. You’ve got to watch out for the bones, but the steaks are packed with flavor. It’s actually cathartic to watch them (peeking allowed) cook indirectly, after a quick sear on both sides.

Easy grilled salmon fillets

It doesn’t take long to fire-up the grill with a basic chimney starter. As the coals get hot, prepare the salmon fillets with your seasoning of choice. Apple wood–just like with chicken–always works well.