We’re firmly committed to helping our neighbors rebuild!

Looting in West Hyde Park – Chicago, Illinois

As I collect my thoughts, I’ll let the video speak for itself. The past several days have been very bad days for Chicago, but this city has been through much worse and will most certainly recover.

My wife and I are praying for our great city and are firmly committed to assisting in the mission to rebuild. We walk the streets practically every day and actively engage with our neighbors. What we witnessed on our walk yesterday was alarming, but not unexpected to those with an ear to the streets. Just as we were turning the corner with the Coronavirus…and just as our particular neighborhood–West Hyde Park–was on the serious rebound…the looting and destruction happened.

It looks bad, but we consider ourselves lucky because the situation could have easily escalated further, as in other neighborhoods throughout the city. As we step out this afternoon for a quick walk, we’ll join hands and pray for our world. We often hold hands, but the prayer is extra-special this time. My wife and I are very spiritual people and believe in the power of collective prayer. Now is the perfect time to exercise our faith! ✌🏿

We’re out!

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